Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 10/7/2019 - 6:00 PM
Category: Administrative Services
Type: Info
Subject: Presentation and first reading of multiple new, revised and/or deletion of policies from all sections of the Board of Education Policy Guide, with the intent of a second reading and Board action during the November 4, 2019 Regular Board Meeting. L. Kerns
Enclosure: Section II Redlines
Section III Redlines
Section IV Redlines
Section V Redlines
Section VI Redlines
File Attachment:
Section II Redlines 100719.pdf
Section III Redlines 100719.pdf
Section IV Redlines 100719.pdf
Section V Redlines 100719.pdf
Section VI Redlines 100719.pdf
Summary: A Policy Council has been established to review the entire Board of Education Policy Guide - the Policy Council was divided into subcommittees with each subcommittee reviewing the policies / sections most pertinent to their division. The council members will continue to meet quarterly to determine what changes, if any, are necessary.
In summary, the attached documents contain the following:
- Section II, Community Relations: Revisions to Policy 2070, 2080, 2125, 2130, 2160 and 2170.
- Section III, Instruction: New Policy 3055, 3075 and 3155; Revision to 3160.
- Section IV, Students: Revisions to Policy 4080, 4090, 4190, 4220, 4270, 4285, 4295, 4310, 4320, and 4420.
- Section V, Employees: New Policy 5045 and 5125; Revision to 5100, 5130, 5280, 5345, 5360, 5370, and 5385.
- Section VI, Business & Technology: New Policy 6105.
Funding: Not Applicable
Recommendation: Information Only
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Marsha Janey - Administrative Assistant
Signed By:
Lori Kerns - Assistant Superintendent of Personnel & Administrative Services
Signed By:
Janet Dunlop - Superintendent